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Is there a student edition of Embunit?


Yes, students may use Embunit for free.


Simply download and install the trial version of Embunit and make a note of the Computer ID displayed on the "License management" form. Then send an email to student-edition@embunit.com containing the Computer ID together with the name of your college, course title, and the name of your course tutor; and we will send you your license key.


Is Embunit related to Embedded Unit in any way?


No, it is not.


Embedded Unit is a unit testing framework along the lines of JUnit but for C instead. You still have to write the code for the test cases yourself.


In contrast, Embunit allows you to specify what you want the test case to do as a sequence of operations and it then generates C or C++ source code automatically. This means you have a consistent style of test case source code which all your developers can understand. You also get an xml file that contains the definition of your test cases, that you can check-in to your version control system. This makes it much easier to review changes later on.

Another advantage of Embunit is that you get guaranteed support.


How does Embunit facilitate the maintenance of unit tests?


When you make changes to your unit tests you have two choices when it comes to reviewing those changes. You can compare the source code generated by Embunit; or you can compare the xml file that defines the test cases. Because the xml schema uses simple, meaningful words it is often easier to review the changes by comparing the xml files.



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